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Publications in digital format

Online publications are the evolution and the perfect complement to printed catalogs on paper. Pages with interactive contents, visually very attractive, available for any platform, browser or tablet, and with infinite options, that make the user experience much richer and complete.

“Indesigners give life
to your publications”

We convert your publications in HTML5 format incorporating dynamic elements:


  • Animation
  • Buttons
  • Slide Shows
  • Audio
  • Video.

What are the advantages
of the digital format?

  • Higher degree of usability. The user can carry several magazines on the same device.
  • Query. It can be seen by anyone with internet access.
  • Cost reduction. Saving on the cost of printing.
  • Content update. Corrections at the moment or extension thereof.
  • Interactivity. Expansion of information with resources such as videos, graphics, audio and photos.
  • Hipermedia. Links to other pages and multimedia elements.
  • Mobile and tablets. Documents optimized to improve your viewing and accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Advertising alternatives. Inclusion of advertising banners and dynamic ads.
  • Web analytics. Measures the impact of queries on your business goals and conversions.
  • Social networks. Share the documents by Twitter or email.

Indesigners is a graphic and web design studio, based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Since its foundation in 2013, we have grown both professionally and personally, with collaborators who have made this project possible.

We like to say that Adobe created Indesign, and that Indesigners create, design and imagine.And since the birth of Adobe Indesign, 2001, version 1.5, to date, this graphic editing program has become our best tool.

We have expanded our catalog of services to web design, art direction, branding and corporate identity. New times for this design studio that continues with the same passion and dedication since its foundation.