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Bocalto Bar & Restaurant, opened in 2017 with a modern and elegant design in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. It is a future in the middle of the past, it is a new star in the gastronomic firmament of Palma, a new identity with its own personality, opening its doors to a wide audience, local and foreign, inviting them to experiment, to be surprised, to live a Unique culinary experience.


The logo of Bocalto is a typeface created by Indesigners, bold type condensed and sans serif, which represents the spirit of the restaurant: elegant, modern and timeless.

With the main virtue of its good readability in all media, both online and offline.

In addition to the logo we have developed the visual identity of the restaurant, including pieces such as:
· Signal outside.
· Promotional material.
· Table menu.
. Advertising in the media.
· Website.